Micronutrient Supplement

Advances in veterinary medicine have uncovered several metabolic disorders that affect horses. In general, these disorders have an effect on the production of energy within individual cells. Signs of metabolic problems, however, vary from horse to horse. Because of this, the nutritional management of these horses often veers from traditional methods.

Many overweight horses are prone to metabolic problems. Horses on low-grain diets often do not consume sufficient amounts of feed to fulfill their vitamin and mineral needs. For these horses, Kentucky Equine Research has formulated this concentrated, low-calorie, low-starch source of vitamins and trace minerals.

  • Appropriate for horses on forage-only or low-grain diets
  • Provides horses with top-notch vitamin and mineral nutrition
  • Supports optimal digestibility through the inclusion of yeast culture
  • Pelleted form allows for easy feeding
  • Appropriate for both horses and ponies

Feeding Instructions

Top-dress on feed at rate of 60 g for ponies and 120 g for horses per day.

Typical Analysis

Nutrient Per 120 g
Calcium (min) 3000 mg
Phosphorus (min) 2000 mg
Magnesium (min) 300 mg
Iodine (min) 1.9 mg
Selenium (min) 1.9 mg
Copper (min) 145 mg
Zinc (min) 900 mg
Manganese (min) 240 mg
Iron (min) 185 mg
Vitamin A (min) 42290 IU
Vitamin D (min) 4229 IU
Vitamin E (min) 380 IU
Biotin (min) 0.5 mg

Servings per container

Container size Servings per container
4.5 kg (9.9 lb) 37 (horse)
4.5 kg (9.9 lb) 75 (pony)

Elite Advice

“Not all of the horses in our barn have the intense upper-level training schedule that requires high-intake diets. To address the low-calorie needs of the easy keepers, we feed I.R. PELLET™.” -Max Corcoran, Professional Groom for O’Connor Event Team